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Uncle Butch's Fudge

Birthday Cake Fudge

Birthday Cake Fudge

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Sweet, creamy, buttery, beautiful funfetti MAGIC in every bite. It’s like having your own magnificent birthday party every day! It’s like a creamy vanilla cake batter with delicious confetti sprinkles on top. Uncle Butch’s Birthday Cake Fudge is fun, gorgeous, festive, and just the right thing to spoil your quests or those you love. No doubt this colorful, astounding fudge will transport you to cloud nine! Just the fix you need on those mundane, dreaded Mondays.


Allergen alert
All of our fudge may contain trace amounts of nuts, milk proteins, gluten and peanuts that are used at our facility.

Care Instructions

We love our customers and want you to enjoy the quality we put into every piece.

Our fudge is best when consumed within 21 days of receipt.

Fudge is a perishable product.

Tips for a great fudge experience:

  • During WARM weather, refrigerate for 30 minutes.
  • During COOL weather, leave fudge on the counter for 30 minutes.
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