Our Story

We are a local artisan fudge retailer and custom-made producer. We have handcrafted and perfected our unique original fudge recipe, using traditional methods, expertise, and lots of love. You’ll find that once you taste our delightful fudge, you won’t be able to stay away! Our fudge is crafted with all fresh ingredients to ensure it is soft, creamy, smooth, rich, and deliciously, but not overly, sweet.


Our small batch, original fudge recipe has been perfected, curated, and exquisitely designed to supply the best quality and taste that will complement your favorite menu. We also offer a large variety of devilishly delicious and intriguing flavors that will keep your customers coming back for more! In addition, we give you some of the best margins available.

Interested in Wholesale?

For more information about wholesaling our fudge, please use our contact form or call us today at 865-933-6400.